A-VanGogh's Sunflowers 22x30
A-Summer 15x15
A-TopplingTeacups 11x11
A-TopplingSilver 15x22
A-Stripes and Paisley 15x15
A-Silver and Lace 22x30
A-Stripes and Paisley II  15x15
A-Silver and Cherries 11x11
A-Teacup Collection 22x30
A-Black Stripes 15x15
A-Egg Cup  11x11
A-Still Life with Marbles II  2x30
A-Mason Jars 15x22
A-Paige in Red 11x15
A-Color Passages 15x20
A-Amiata Stil Life  22x30
A-Books 22x30
A-GlassReflections 22x30
A-Florida Foliage 22x22
A-Pathway by the Water 11x15
A-Botanical Gardens 22x30
A-Erin by the Pond 15x22
A-Banyons in Naples 22x30
A-Full Circle 15x15
A-Beeb 30x20
A-Street Scene Brugge 22x22
A-Scotch and Soda 11x15
A-Provence 30x40
A-Gent Belgium 22x30
Florida Palms - Sample of Work
Glass Reflections - A Sample
Nature's Design 22x30 - SOLD

current & upcoming


Winter Artshow Schedule will be posted soon. My current work - focusing on the vibrancy of the NEON District in Norfolk - is on exhibit in my studio. Come visit!

Vonnie's Studio
Norfolk Virginia

Vonnie Whitworth has a public studio in which she paints on a regular basis & exhibits her work.
Visit the artist's studio.

WorkingArtistsStudios /
400 Olney Road
Suite C

Norfolk VA  23507

Hours: The studio is generally open Tues-Sat 10am-4pm

Contact the Artist to find out her current studio hours.




Paintings displayed in this slide show are Current Work, for the most part. Click on any image to see titles and sizes. AVAILABLE paintings are marked with an 'A' before the title.
Some of the paintings are no longer available, but are examples of on-going themes and styles for Vonnie Whitworth. 
Please contact the artist with any questions about individual paintings . . .
availability, prices, sizes . . .  
or to discuss a commission.