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 Original Watercolors by artist, Vonnie Whitworth

The images here are 'archived' watercolor originals, which are no longer available . . . but are 'ongoing' themes for the artist.
Click on any image - for more Info.
Megan in White
Tuscan Still Life with Lemons
Keeping an Eye on Mona
Sitting at the Shoreline
White Tea
Songs of Long Ago
Still Life with Lace
White Tea
Still Life with Red Grapes
Erin in White at the Beach
Teacups on White Linen
Postmark 1942
Les Viggarla
My Teacups
Magnolia Botanica
Erin, Kneeling at Waters Edge
Hydrangeas and Lilies
Glass Reflections
Still Life with Glass Carafe
Friend of Saignon
Since 1875
Still Life with Hydrangeas
No More Robots
More Time for Mothers
Back Nude with Stripes
Palm Fronds
Bird of Paradise
Sunflowers and Red Pitcher
Glass Reflections
Gifts of the Sea

All images within this site are the sole property of Vonnie Whitworth,
and may only be reproduced with the written permission of the artist. 

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